Abbey House Glastonbury

Annual Courses, Weekend Seminars & One Day Workshops both Residential & Day Students Welcome 

Our training is  primarily held at the two school locations at Cober Hill Hotel in Scarborough & Cossington Park in Glastonbury. 

However, we also hold others in different areas of the UK & Europe

We have chosen our locations carefully so that each student will be in the correct environment conducive to Spiritual development and awareness. Our locations are set in their own beautiful grounds with a very spiritual energy present. Cober Hill Hotel is beside the sea which is within a short walking distance.  

All courses are full board residential courses, however we also welcome day students for people who live locally.

 Each student will receive undivided attention from both tutors during their time with us, it is our goal to get to know & understand each student well. We believe this is by far the best way for us to assess the unique abilities of each student. In this way we can then ascertain the best way forward for each and every attendee.

We are also available to  bring our courses to your centre and/or country. Please contact us if this is something which interests you


The Facets Of Mediumship

The Facets Of Trance

The Facets Of Physical Mediumship

Mechanics Of Mediumship

Spiritual Development & Mediumship

Spirit Communication & Evidence

Mediumship & Private Sittings

Demonstrating Mediumship

The Inner Self & Spirit

Mastering & Polishing Your Mediumship

We offer:

Certified Yearly Courses

Weekend Seminars 

One Day Workshops

Private Mentorship 

Please see our course description page below for details of all seminars & workshops

Course Description Page 

Mediums Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU

Spiritual Education - The Courses 

At Starlight we offer a wide range of courses for all levels of development 

Certified Annual Mediumship Development 


This course is currently going through approval to become a National Recognised Qualification

Our certified course will take you step by step through all aspects of your mediumship & personal development from the start and onwards. This is an annual  course and takes place three times per year. Each course duration being 2-3 days and offered in our wonderful locations. Each course is a full board residential course & prices are inclusive of bed, breakfast, lunch  & dinner. Teas & Coffees are provided throughout your stay.  

 Installation options available for payments.

 At the end of the annual course there is an assessment and certificate issued upon completion.

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Cober Hill  Hotel

Certified Weekend Seminars both Residential & Day Students Welcome 

Our weekend seminars are held all primarily at the two school locations in Scarborough & Glastonbury. However, we also hold others in different areas of the UK & Europe.

We offer courses on my different aspects of spirituality, mediumship and psychic work & all courses carry a certificate upon completion.

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Cober Hill Hotel

One Day Workshops 

Our one day workshops are held at our school locations and in various other locations in the UK & Europe. These are a great opportunity for you to have a taster of our longer more in-depth courses and seminars. A chance to explore your own development and unique abilities. 

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