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Here you will find all our different courses and descriptions, dates & locations so you can find what suits you in an area that suits you 

Abbey House Glastonbury & Cober Hill Hotel are where we hold our courses

Certified Annual Mediumship Course

Dates of next course 2018:

This course is currently going through approval to become a National Recognised Qualification

June 15th,16th,17th & 18th 2018 @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough

September 28th, 29th & 30th 2018 @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough

November 2nd,3rd 4th & 5th 2018 @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough

Our certified course will take you step by step through all aspects of your mediumship & personal development right from the start and onward. There will be plenty of group work and practical assessment with constructive feedback.

There will be organised evenings for you to practice what you have learned on a real congregation and a practical assessment will take place during the last weekend.

This is an annual course and takes place three times per year. Each course duration being 3-4 days & is residential with full board. All offered in our wonderful locations at Cober Hill Hotel in Scarborough & Cossington House in Glastonbury.  

We will cover:

Module 1 - Basics - Making that connection

The Mechanics Of Mediumship

Mental Mediumship - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience

Guides & meeting your spirit guide

Understanding & working with Energy

 Raising your own vibrations

Making that connection

Module 2 - Stepping it up

Different  Aspects Of Mediumship 

Perception & Control

Trance speaking, healing and mediumship

Inspirational speaking & Writing

Getting your list of evidence to strengthen communication

Opening up your evidence going deeper

Preparing For Platform 

Private Sittings

Working with psychometry

Module 3 - Taking the next step in Mediumship

 (Assessment Weekend)

Working On Platform

Knowing Who You Are With In A Demonstration

Presentation - habits, eye contact, what to wear

Dos and donts of mediumship

Improving evidence and stretching your mediumship

The Address & Public Speaking


We will also touch on the professional aspects of your work such as Marketing, Dealing with Clients, Starting Your Own Practice

We will also touch on the professional aspects of your work such as Marketing, Dealing with Clients, Starting Your Own Practice

*Practical Assessments on the last day*

In Addition There Will Also Be:

A Demonstration of Mediumship With Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan on the Friday Evening 

On the Saturday Evening A  Trance Demonstration

Sunday Evening A  Talk with Q&A

Dates of next course 2018:

  • June 15th,16th,17th & 18th 2018 @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough
  • September 28th, 29th & 30th 2018 @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough
  • November 2nd,3rd 4th & 5th 2018 @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough

Dates For Course Starting In 2019:

  • April 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough
  • June 14th, 15th,16th & 17th @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough
  • October 11th, 12th,13th & 14th @ Cober Hill Hotel Scarborough

Each course is a full board residential course & prices are inclusive of bed, breakfast, lunch & dinner. Teas & Coffees are provided throughout your stay.

All rooms at Cober Hill Hotel in Scarborough are with en-suite.

At the end of the yearly course there is an assessment and certificate issued upon completion.

Places are limited so early booking is advisable. 

There is a payment plan available to enable ease of payments for your education.

For Bookings & Payment Option Plan Please Click Here

Clairvoyant Workshop

The Facets Of Mediumship

Next Course Dates & Locations

Glastonbury 7th, 8th & 9th September 2018

Mixed Levels

A seminar designed of all levels of development.

 We will be looking at the different facets of mediumship to help you understand how you work, and in which areas you are proficient. We will be exploring the varied ways you may work within the umbrella of ‘Mediumship’ creating awareness of your own unique ability. The focus will be on Clairvoyant Mediumship & Trance. 

 There will be talks, demonstrations and plenty of practical work so you may practice what you have learnt.

We will be working with :

Mental Mediumship


Private Sittings

Spiritual Healing

Trance Healing

Trance Mediumship

We will also touch on Physical Mediumship to give you an outline of what it is and how it works as this also comes under the heading of ‘Mediumship’. 

The Facets Of Trance 

Next Course Dates & Locations

Mixed Levels

Gordon Higginson said, “All mediums should begin their development with Trance.”

Trance Strengthens the connection to the spirit world. It builds the relationship with guides and helpers and improves evidence in mediumship.

Trance is sitting in the energy of spirit with the intention of giving them permission to come close to you.

This builds the relationship with your guide so eventually over time they will gain more control. This takes time and cannot be rushed or achieved over a weekend. We can give you the tools this weekend to show you how to do this and what you can do to improve your own connection the rest is down to you.

During this seminar we will focus on Mental Phenomena - Perception & Control. You will be working with Trance Speaking, Trance Healing & Trance Mediumship.

During this seminar we focus in detail on helping you to get this right. 

You will shown tried and trusted methods from two experienced mediums: Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan.


What is Trance

Perception & Control

Your Dedication

Different Levels of Trance

Trance Healing

Trance Speaking

Trance Mediumship


The Facets Of Physical Mediumship 

Next Course Dates & Locations

Mixed Levels

In this seminar we explore the different aspects of Physical Mediumship to help you understand it in the best possible way.

We will look at various types of physical mediumship.

 We have levitation, direct voice, table tipping, transfiguration, materialisations, raps and knocks, apports and spirit lights. All these may be experienced when sitting in a physical circle. It can take years of dedication and just sitting to achieve any or all of these experiences. Not all mediums can be a physical medium, as the correct components of the spirit need to be able to manifest within the medium. 

The medium needs to be able to produce ectoplasm, and not all can do that. A circle may need to sit for only one or two mediums to produce the phenomena. This means the other members of the circle will offer their energy only for the medium/ Mediums and spirit to use. Unless there is complete dedication from all the sitters then this manifestation will not be able to occur.

During this seminar you will get to experience first hand some to the different aspects mentioned above. There will also be work in the cabinet for you to sit in and experience the energies present.

You will shown tried and trusted methods from two experienced mediums: Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan.


Explanation of the different aspects of Physical Mediumship

History of Physical Mediumship

Demonstration of Physical Mediumship

Sitting in the Cabinet

Ectoplasm - what is it

Sitting for Physical


The Mechanics Of Mediumship

Next Course Dates & Locations

Mixed Levels

Understanding how you work is pivotal to getting it right in your own mediumship. During this seminar we focus on the mechanics of how we work and how mediumship works. We will look at your attunement to the world or Spirit, your connection to your guide, the difference between psychic and mediumship and much more.

When we look at our clair senses we can clearly see by the words we use how we are receiving our messages from Spirit. For example: when one is using clairvoyance they might say “I am seeing" or “I see”. During this seminar we will be looking at the very unique way in which you work and highlighting that to you. 

We will also be looking at your delivery and presentation when you work which will help you to understand where you are heading in your own development. Is it in a private 1-2-1 siting or platform demonstration or perhaps both? We will also look at building your connection to the recipient and knowing who you are with in the audience.

You will be taught by two experienced platform mediums, Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan.

There will talks, demonstrations and group work for you to practice what you have learnt.


Understanding the Mechanics of Your Own Mediumship 

Knowing when you are working on a mediumship or a psychic connection

Attunement to the Spirit

Activating The Area Of Clairvoyance

Understanding the Clairsenses - the words you use

Finding your recipient - knowing who you are with

Delivery & Presentation

Responsibility of Mediumship - etiquette in delivery

Spiritual Development & Mediumship

Develop​ment & Mediumship


Next Course Dates & Locations


During this seminar you will be introduced to the basic principals of Mediumship. This course is suitable even if you are a working or practicing medium/healer and would like to re-fresh your basic methods of connecting and preparing to link with the spirit world. It is important that before we can be successful mediums/healers we have the correct ground work in place, the foundations. 

We need to understand when we are connected to the spirit and when we are working on the psychic level. We need to know our helpers and learn how to blend and step into the world of spirit to strengthen our bond and improve evidence in our mediumship which will ultimately heighten our senses and our connection to spirit.

Whatever level of development you find yourself at we will be taking you right back to the basics of Mediumship. In this way you can create an awareness of your spirit, and place the foundations of mediumship into your consciousness. 

 Getting it right from the beginning is vital to your success as a good medium. It will enable you to go forward with confidence in your mediumship and personal spiritual development.

This seminar will involve not only personal development, but also creating an awareness of the spirit around you. The first step in Mediumship is to know your self, then to know who you have with you from the Spirit World. 

Once this has been established you will then work on bringing through the evidence of the communicator so that your recipient knows exactly who you have with you. We are also very passionate about teaching you how to recognise who you are with and building the energy between you and your recipient. You will be working on recognising, feeling and working with energy.

During the day there will be talks, demonstrations and lots of group work so you can practice what you have learnt.

During this seminar we focus in detail on helping you to get this right


Difference between psychic and mediumship- understanding how you are working- The Mechanics

Difference between Meditation & Attunement

How to meditate and how attune to the spirit

Meeting your Spirit Guide - going deeper in meditation to come closer to spirit

Calling Cards

Blending with Spirit

Is it real or my imagination ? Recognising when the conscious mind is active and when it is the spirit presence

Working with & understanding energy

Getting your link

Maintaining that link with Spirit

Working on the first crucial parts of evidence

Blending with your recipient

Conducting a private sitting 

Improving Evidence In Mediumship 

Next Course Dates: 

Come and join Louisa & Paul for an intensive but fun seminar. When we understand the mechanics of our mediumship stronger evidence is introduced into our communications very naturally. 

 During our time together we will be touching on the many facets of mediumship to include trance, speaking, demonstrating & private sittings. We will be exploring how you work and sharing with you tried and trusted techniques to enhance your mediumship so improving the evidence you give.

Spirit communication can be broken down into three parts: the evidence, the body of the evidence and the message. In each communication it is vital that you are able to establish & maintain your link with your Spirit communicator. 

The evidence provides the recipient with the proof that you have with you who you say you do, it is the first step or the foundation of your communication. If your recipient is unsure of who you have with you or is not convinced of your claim then the rest of the message will be unstable.

 Once you have provided the evidence then you go on to build your communication and bring through the detail and life story of the person in spirit, this is where the fun starts. You can really begin to ‘bring them to life’ with details of their character etc. The last part is always the message, this is relaying the reason for them coming to the recipient. During the message you they may give you details of what is going on in the recipients life right now and what is important for them to hear.

There will be talks, demonstrations and plenty of practical work so you may practice what you have learnt.


Mental Mediumship

Mechanics of Your Mediumship



Private Sittings

Trance Healing

Trance Mediumship

We will also touch on Physical Mediumship to give you an outline of what it is and how it works as this also comes under the heading of ‘Mediumship’. 

Spirit Communication & Evidence
Clairvoyance. Mediumship.Psychic

Mediumship & Private Sittings 


A private sitting is a time set aside for Spirit Communication though you the medium to the sitter. People may seek you out for a private sitting for many different reasons. Some may simply wish to hear from their loved one in Spirit, others may need life guidance & some may need both. Sometimes people do not necessarily know why they feel they need a sitting but just feel a calling.

During a private sitting the medium can delve much deeper into the information than in a public demonstration. During this seminar we focus on the mechanics of the sitting and break it down into different sections to enable you to build your evidence, connection to Spirit and to the recipient. We look at the ways in which you prepare yourself to work and your environment. We will also be looking at dealing with difficult clients and challenging situations.

We explore the do’s and don’ts and ethics of a private siting so you can to begin to work professionally when you are ready.


Increasing Your Connection To Spirit

Making that connection with the spirit communicator

Preparing your workspace

Setting your intention

Preparing your workspace

Making the booking

Welcoming the client

Explanation of how you work

Conducting the sitting

Do’s & Don’s - protocol

Winding down and summarising

Finishing off

Dealing with difficult clients and managing expectation 

Demonstrating Mediumship 

Platform demonstration is not for the beginner. Once a medium has reached a certain level of proficiency within their own mediumship they can begin to demonstrate that ability to the public. Public demonstrations are demonstrating your unique ability to connect to sprit and deliver spirit communication well.

During this seminar we will be working with you and breaking down the different aspects of a public demonstration. We will look at the evidence so your recipient knows without any doubt that you have their loved ones with you. We will then work with you to help you know who you are with in the audience by feeling the energy. You are working with energy so it is important that you understand energy and how it affects your mediumship. 

We will then look at ‘bringing that spirit communicator alive’ by building a picture of their lives and character. Finally we work with the message to the recipient, this tells us why the communicator has come.

Working on platform is by no means and easy task. We will therefore be sharing with you some ‘survival tips’ and methods to help you in your delivery and presentation.

During this seminar we focus in detail on helping you to get this right. You will shown tried and trusted methods from two experienced mediums: Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan.


Preparing yourself to work

Getting your link

Maintaining you link

Finding your recipient

Bringing through the Evidence

Bringing the communication alive

The message

Delivery & Presentation

Dealing with difficult situations

Responsibility of the medium - do’s and don’ts 

Clairvoyance. Psychic. Mediumship
Clairvoyance. Psychic. Mediumship

The Inner Self & Spirit 

So many times we search for the answers to life in the wrong places. Our answers always lay within us. When we access our inner self, connecting to the spirit within this will make it much easier then to access the spirit around us which has always been there. Once this is achieved communicating and bridging that gap from the physical world to the world of spirit becomes much easier and more natural to us. We can then learn through the teachings and the knowledge not only our own intuition but also that of the spirit which will open up many aspects of mediumship.

When we learn how to work in harmony with our spirit friends and guides this ultimately makes the link stronger increasing awareness, not only of own spirit but that of loved ones and guides around us. You will be given the tools to help you learn how to be in harmony with your self first. When we are in a great place we can then deliver the best for the people who seek us out for help. As you practice as a medium you will learn to recognise the difference between the energies, for example: your own energy and that of the spirit.

During this seminar we create awareness of the spirit to bridge the gap between the two worlds. You will learn how to blend with spirit and work with energy to enhance your connection to the world of spirit. As we step through the veil of the two worlds and blend with spirit we become conscious of our etheric body. So often we are concerned only with the physical aspect of our day to day life that we can lose track of the spiritual aspect of our lives, the part of us which is eternal and has been with us forever. Learn how to reconnect to who you really are, to improve your life journey through conscious and unconscious thought .

This will bring the understanding and communication of continued life, and that we are all eternal beings having a physical existence.

This seminar will help you to open that door, and you will be guided step by step as you walk through that with the confidence that everything is safe. Learning about your own self and your own spiritual pathway will greatly enhance your own faculties in mediumship.


Creating awareness an of the difference between psychic and mediumship

Meditation & Attunement to The Spirit

Taking Care of the physical mind & body

Raising Vibrations & Energy

Connecting the spirit within

knowing your guides & helpers

Working with Energies & Calling Cards

Strengthening Your Connection To Spirit

Better Communication

Improving Evidence

Private Sittings 

Mastering & Polishing Mediumship 

Intermediate/Advanced Only

Our mediumship is in a continual process of change and expansion. Are you looking for stronger evidence in your mediumship? Do you want to bring the ‘golden nuggets’ of information in to your communication?

When we combine evidential mediumship with the essence of the spirit communicator we really do eradicate all doubt in the recipients mind. How wonderful it is to have a very special, but evidential communication from a loved one it the Spirit World.

Learn how to tap into those special memories and events they shared.

 When we speak of the essence of spirit what we really mean it to bring them ‘alive’ for that time they are communicating though us.

When we speak of polishing our mediumship, we will be looking at the delivery and presentation of your communication both in private and public demonstrations. Our terminology and the words we use can really have much more impact when delivered in the correct manner and with passion.

Do you wish to be a stronger more evidential medium? Would you like to improve the way you deliver your demonstration and communication both publicly and privately? Then please join Louisa & Paul for a wonderful weekend of hard but fun work. Both tutors are working demonstrating mediums with over 20 years experience.


Blending With Spirit For A Stronger Connection

What constitutes evidence

What is not evidence

Asking for more evidence

Bring the spirit person alive/ the character and essence

The Golden nuggets of information

Special Memories

What do they see of our world now they have passed?

Platform techniques

Presentation & delivery in private sittings & public demonstrations

Terminology / The Words You Use

Delivery with impact / getting it right

Knowing who you are with in a public demonstration / feeling the energy

The make up of a communication / Breaking it down in to sections

The message / how and when to deliver the message 

Clairvoyance. Psychic. Mediumship
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