Bringing the 'old fashioned & traditional' methods into a modern world 

Mediums Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU

About The School - Our Ethos 

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Our Ethos 

Starlight International has been created with the student in mind. Our aim to is to bring back the traditional methods of Spiritual teaching using a fresh modern approach. We offer our courses in many different locations allowing for ease of access to students in different areas of the UK & Internationally

One of our main goals is to bring recognised qualifications into spiritual education.  We are working towards getting our Annual Certified Mediumship Course approved to become a National Recognised Qualification

Our aim is to bring understanding through education and knowledge. We believe that when one understands the reasons why they are doing something it all becomes clear. When one understands the mechanics of the way they are working then all begins to fit together

We believe that all mediums need to understand the basics of their work to enable them to strengthen their connection to the Spirit and to their Spirit Guides and Helpers

Not all students will aim for Spirit Communication. We understand that others may wish to develop within other areas of mediumship such as healing, trance, inspirational speaking and many other aspects.

Our focus is to identify the hidden talents of each individual enabling growth of those very special gifts and help bring them to the surface to flourish and grow

Where ever you are in your development Starlight International will work with you at that level. We welcome beginners right through to advanced students to include working mediums who may wish to refresh their abilities 

We believe in lots of practical work for our students and offer real time practice within local Spiritual  Centres & Spiritual Churches 

One aspect that Starlight feel very passionate about is that we continue to provide on going support to our students.  For students who have reached a certain level of ability on platform we will also introduce you to Spiritual Churches and Centres to work  (at the discretion of the school) 

Once a student completes a course with us they will have email access direct to both tutors for any questions they may have

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We offer:

Certified Yearly Courses

Weekend Seminars 

One Day Workshops

Private Mentorship 

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